Make Your Girlfriend Orgasm Uncontrollably

This is not a story. It is a fact. A study conducted by Maxiscover Health, a reputed sexuality and intimacy products firm, showed that 75% of men aged 14-44 years suffer from premature ejaculation. Those aged between 15-19 are said to suffer from this problem, give or take 5%, and altogether, the results are a little less embarrassing. According to the crawlers, the proportion of men suffering from premature ejaculation is rising at about 3% to 10%. And this, they say, isn’t good.

The causes are multiple, and the solution is simple i.e. just communication. The good news is that, unlike the female counterpart, the typical solution to premature ejaculation for a man does not involve any pills, nor any creams. The only thing that it entails is simply the ability to communicate well with his lady. Follow the three simple steps below to help you find ways to help her achieve orgasm:

During sex, most men see the situation as a physical problem rather than a psychological one. They believe that to make their girlfriend achieve orgasm, the only way is by lasting as long as they used to. If you are looking for methods to help you last longer during sex, you will find them in another article.

Believe it or not, the majority of couples are not having any problems in bed these days. This is the reason that we created this article. We are really hoping that you find some solutions to delay ejaculation and completely please your partner.

If you are looking for real fast ways to make your girlfriend achieve orgasm, then we highly recommend Kama Sutra. It is one of the oldest and most proven of all the sexual manuals. If you already know what it contains, you should also know that it has been translated into many different languages so that there are many books out there to better understand the content.

The reason why this product is so effective is that it helps you to understand the sexual needs of women. It teaches you about female anatomy and the more important techniques of pleasing a woman. It will also teach you about ejaculation and how to control it. It will also teach you about multiple orgasms and how to achieve them. Above all, it will teach you about how to passionately make love with your partner. This is a really important aspect of lovemaking, and you will need to know how to do it. You need to learn how to make her feel that you love her not just for being a woman but also as a woman.

It is not enough just knowing what to do. You are supposed to do it well. When you are having sex with your woman, you are just sliding into each other like two meaningless pucks. This is not what you should do if you really want to satisfy her. Your skills in the bedroom are not just important, but also how you treat her out of the bedroom.

We have written this article so that you can discover some techniques and ways to please your girlfriend in bed. It is hard to say exactly what you should do, but there are some ways to get you on the right track:

  1. You need to surprise her sometimes. Women love to be surprised by your gestures. Do you realize that putting on her shoes can win her over? Even if it is just for one night, try it out anyway. Not only will it make her feel happy, but it will also make you feel happy too, and that is the important thing.
  2. If you want to please your girlfriend in bed, you need to shift the focus from you to her for some time. This is because women do not get turned on by just seeing men in thongs or sexual positions. First, focus on her happiness. Then focus on yours. It will be a combination of both that will help you make her orgasm.
  3. Be gentle with her while in bed with her. Let her feel you are satisfying her and take your time. The longer you take, the more she has been turned on and will be able to reach orgasm easier.
  4. There are some women who want you to go down on them so badly. Focus on her instead. Men can’t perform cunnilingus as well as women so you can’t really expect to please your girlfriend by doing the same things that you will learn to please a girl.
  5. Make her feel special before you get down to the real thing. Touch her in a loving way and tell her how much you love her. These little romantic things will make her feel loved and not used.

There are some hard things to learn too, but these things are easy to learn if you will put in the effort and work on the relationship.