The Importance of Foot domination

You may think that you are the only one that needs to suffer from a lack of orgasm because you refuse to accept that sex is a package deal with boobs and vagina. In your mind, your fetish could just as easily come along with a pair of implanted shoes, a bustier or sexy lingerie as it does with lacy thongs, garter belts, and stockings. You know that you must have something in it, but what exactly is it that you are so crazy about?

It is easy to define a fetish by its extreme examples. A fetish for feet, for example, can seem very odd to people who don’t think that there is anything fetishistic about feet. A foot fetish seems very strange to them. A feet fetish may include sucking toes, painting toes, licking toes, and doing any other fun thing with feet.

However, if you live in a world where your happiness and comfort are priority number one, and you eat, sleep, and breathe healthy as you make your way to work every day, you will mature to a fetishist in no time. Every little detail of your fetish life can now be a priority. It now has more meaning than a fetish because your comfort level with your feet has increased. You view them as a fetish, and not just any fetishist, but the extremely extreme fetishist.

If you live in a world where you can have sex, get an education and employment on time, and live the life of your fantasies, then you are a feet fetishist. There is not a day that goes by without you thinking of sexy feet, feet in stockings, feet in a skirt, feet in a hat, feet in socks, feet in shoes or just about any other format or describing the sexual arousal you get from feet. And not just the simple rubbing of feet.

Or at least, that is what they tell you. The conversation may go something like this:

“I have been thinking about feet all day. I can’t wait to get home and rub them all over you.”

“Why do your feet get me aroused so much?”

“They feel so soft and smooth.”

“Do you like the way they feel?”

“I love your feet.”

“My God, your feet are so beautiful.”

But, feet-on-tips is not just the most of feet-on-skin contact. It is much more.

The difference between enough and foot fetish is a fine one. Well-known foot fetish story does not just want to stick things to feet and engage in sex, it wants to do more. It wants to do that very specific, targeted foreplay that gets them aroused and can sometimes even lead to orgasm. And it wants to do that on a regular basis.

The problem is that many people approach the fetish scene and do not realize that it is much more than that. It is a way to say “I want and desire you”; it is a way to establish a stronger relationship with someone else. Feet in shoes are just one aspect of a person’s sexuality; it is not the only thing, and it should not be seen as the most important thing. And why be the most important thing in the relationship when the rest of the person’s sexuality can be at least as important as the feet. We talk about the importance of the rest of the person’s body but not the importance of the rest of their body. And why should that be so?

Foot domination is heavily influenced by the increasingly influential Internet. The Internet is a predominantly male domain and tends to push things forward for us quicker than women tend to. For instance, we are living in the age of the derives, and men and women are influenced equally as heavily by plastic surgery and silicone solution gel as each other. There is a strong focus on youth and beauty, and more than 50% of the Internet requests are for ‘extra-large feet, calves or legs! It should be no surprise that the bulk of foot fetish merchandise is male-specific.

There is a strong link between foot love and sexual fetish. First of all, the love of feet is deep-rooted; millions of feet worldwide will not know whether to love them or leave them. Second, it is exceedingly common to be turned on by the visual appearance of feet. And third, even though sex and feet may not be the most important thing in our consciousness, it can be the most important thing in our lives! After all, our fascination with feet probably started for the same reason as our obsession with genitals: to procreate.

So, why foot domination? Well, it seems from an early time that domination was linked to controlling. Literally, the act of dominating someone is domination by one person over another.