5 Tips For Better Sex For Couples

Here are five tips for better sex for couples.

1. Sexual frequency: Sometimes, sex gets reduced out of the blue. The frequency of sex may be less than what you are accustomed to. Couples who have been together for years (or even decades) complain that their sex lives are boring. Keeping sex fresh and happening less frequently may be a key to better sex for married couples.

2. Face time: Sex doesn’t have to be confined to the bedroom. The longer you are in a relationship, the more time you are spending with each other. Try an innocent Quickie to add some spice to your sex life. Doing it in a place other than the bedroom is a very romantic idea and can add a touch of danger to your sex.

3. Who’s on top: It’s very common for the woman to initiate sex. If the man is on top, the woman can simply lie there and allow the man to do all the work. The man can use his mouth to caress the woman’s breasts and manually stimulate her clitoris. The man can also use his hands to stroke the woman’s bottom and buttock. If the man is using his mouth to pleasure the woman, enter the vagina as you are giving oral sex. The woman will love it, and the man will have a great view of her body.

4. Move down: One of the misconceptions about BDSM is that it only has to do with humans on the bottom. Poorly trained animals (or humans) try to do BDSM on animals too. In addition, many people don’t want to do actual hurt to an animal. So don’t let your man overpower you in the bedroom! The bucking and coughing can be done by your partner in his pleasure, not yours.

5. Learn from the master: If you are looking for a better way to excite your partner, don’t just learn techniques you like on your own. There are great Tantric Massage and Sensual Treatments that will teach you what your partner really enjoys. These are great ways to bring excitement into your sex life.

A word of caution: If you are doing any deep Kissing on your partner, be sure to keep your lips protected with glass or metal capped kisses. While these techniques can be great for exciting the art of kissing, if left unprotected, the unprotected kiss can cause great harm. This is why it is important to protect the lips.

Contrary to popular belief, teeth are not that important to kissing. The lips are just naturally soft. For most people, a kiss is just a kiss. While this may be true, the lips can be used as a weapon of sexual tension. In addition, until you know how to properly arouse the brain, you will be limited to what the lips can offer. This is why it is important to practice.

Prepare fully: Before you plan to kiss anyone or are about to kiss anyone, you must already be prepared. This will ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared.

T locking lips: This is one of the most important principles of how to kiss. Until you practice this, you will not be a good kisser. This is because men and women do not kiss until they are mad with desire. If you lock lips with someone that you only see or talk to on a regular basis, you are preparing to lose the object of your interest. You could appear boring, and someone might say “used”.

Use your whole body: Kissing is 80% mental and 20% physical. You are using your whole body when kissing shows that you are not afraid. This is the complete opposite of what Sayama Asana is all about. Also, Spend time at other parts of the body during kissing practice. Use your nose or fingers for kissing practice. Touch the ears, caress the hair, and exploring the neck will help you get to know what your partner likes.

Use your fingers and tongue: Apart from using your lips, you can also use your fingers to kiss your partner. The good idea is to keep your fingers nails short in case you want to attract the tiny attention of the girls.

Do not neglect the kissing practice: If you neglect to kiss, your mind will be too tired to focus on the activity. Every kiss should be a passionate kiss. Do not put the feeling of ” Shame ” on the kissing practice. This can be a hurdle. Sexual energy is lost when someone smells of fear. So fear will not lead to kissing. Master the art of kissing, and you will win the game.

Use of hands: Hips lightly resting on the breast during the kiss is a great practice. One can also caress the face or hair of your partner. Holding the hands during the kiss will keep the partner-focused.

Use of words: Talking during the kiss helps concentrate the energy.