How to Get the Most Out of Your Big

Big Girls – You Are Beautiful. There are many popular culture references that talk about larger women called Big Beautiful Woman (BBW). In songs, we have the famous American singer Mika that praises the larger women by singing ‘big girls, you are beautiful.

Then we have the legendary Freddy Mercury with his band Queen singing ‘Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round’. Last but not least we have the talented South African band Freshly Ground who gives an ode to BBW with their lyrics ‘Even though I have Fat thighs, Flabby arms, A potbelly still gives good loving.’

There were other mediums to these artistic postures, but these two specific songs perfectly capture the essence of what BBW actually stands for. If you want to learn more about BBW and its history, you will have to check out this article.

Actually, the year is 1727 when King Louis XIV of France granted freedom to those held as slaves. This week celebrate your freedom day. This year let it be a special day for you and let the pedestal put a face on your beauty. Go to the gym and put an emphasis on working out and gaining muscle.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a woman will notice the features of a man more then the face? Other times a woman will love a face that is rich and creamy (Notice the creaminess of the nose and lips.) I guarantee you that the pedestal and the image you have on it will begin to shape your personality and perception of yourself.

As you become more and more dominant in your relationship, you will see the changes in how people look at you. Have you ever noticed how Michael Cera is affected by the reality of his Hollywood star status? recanted roles and cardboard heroes? How the portrayal of the attributes of a BBW? Have you ever see nivex commercials that push the envelope with messaging and shows of a muscular man?

You can have that kind of man and appear in any arena and use any style. The face and posture give the impression that you are confident and willing to go the extra mile to please your mate. If you just let loose and dance, dance and dance, you’ll not only get the guy’s attention; you might also get yourself some special attention as well.

Here are a few suggestions to appear sexy and confident. Start indoors with a seductive bath or a luxurious bath; use fragrances to excite your senses. Wonderful aromas can be the spice of life. Try out these tips and see what happens.

Wearing a little perfume can be a nice touch. It will make you look more beautiful and have a sense of confidence. Have sparkling eye contact with your mate, give him subtle signals with your hands, gestures, and words. Let yourself be tingly all over.

Do your hair and nails. Have dreadfully dulled salon cries. Let your body fragrances to exude. Take care of your teeth and mouth. Make sure you don’t smother them with your pillow so smelly and sticky. Take care of your ears. Lice andVaricuitsis have a big nose, and ears are often a turn-off.

Then there are the clothes. Wear a dress and hot pants. Wear heels and get to work. Remember to wear a little bit of makeup, and your hair needs to be done. Make sure you’re presentable. Take a shower and trim your nails. Look over your fingernails and ankles. I know I’m saying this stuff a lot, but you have to get up early and oxide the path to glory when you get home. Don’t forget the courage capsules…they give you that boost of power and tingles.

Ok, there are a few more things to do before you get to the bedroom. Tell your mate that its your ego that you want to be paid back. There’s nothing wrong with making suggestions. “I want to do it on the couch” is better than “I don’t know how.” Be bold…and get used to getting rejected. This kind of rejection will prepare you for the next big moment.

The good news about the bedroom is that there are always new positions to try. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Try to be excited and try something different. Or, ask your mate what he would like to try. You never know what surprise you may find…or how naughty you can make each other.


  1. Try to be vocal; tell your mate what you like and want.
  2. Try something different…angle your partner so that they are lying opposite you (sexually speaking, of course) and open your legs wide.
  3. Rub and gently massage your neck, back, arms and legs.
  4. Give long, lingering kisses.
  5. Buy a book and pick a new position to try every night.