How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation. Yes, yes, premature ejaculation, where did it come from? Well, they’ve built up and it was nurtured. It is very difficult to catch it when it grows on a Communicatingbaby who will grow up with hardly any privacy and will be mischievous, and the bad boy prodded it off balance. Early masturbation provides the adult with no future, it serves no purpose other than the satisfaction of an urge and the balancing of a body and spirit which is right and proper. I remember a very wise old lady saying that “Masturbation is comparable to aeration on the body, with the difference that we connect masturbation with our sexual feelings.”

How do we establish a healthy relationship with ourselves?

By looking at our relationship with ourselves first.

So, we must ask ourselves what kind of relationship with self is healthy?

I guess that most of us would like a relationship with ourselves that is intimate and fulfilling. In this day and age, there is a tendency to give up, to pay attention to other things rather than focus on the self. Healthy relationships are ones in which the must-ays are shared between the two. The excitement of the other is enthralling rather than alarming and learned. The offspring is welcomed into the family with open arms. The fruit of the spiritual relationship between the minister and the people is entwined with the discipline of prayer, holy gestures, and meditation. The relationship with self is far better than the relationships with others.

So how do we establish such a relationship with ourselves?

By Image

Before we approach our inner self, we need to select who we want to approach. Therefore, it is essential to be legitimate, responsible, mature, and ready to face humiliation. One of the ministers I worked with once said “If I can’t get laid, I will just steal my wife”. That is the difference between being a temporary minister and a permanent one.

I know one minister who stated, “I have to shit on the side of the street to buy bread when I get off work in the morning”. That is the difference between being a glorified elder of the church and having a fuck buddy.

Image is everything. That is why the media has given us “permission” to view porn. So, every time you see an advertised “sex toy” on TV, you are NOT looking for a relationship. You are looking for an Image because that is what sex toys do. They prepare you for physical sex…but sex with the hands is how you get closer to God.

Relationships are like SIMPS (Small Men)- if they don’t work out well for us, we shit our pants. The relationships we look for are ones that Rapport with our own external realities. If the answer to Simopian is “would you like bread and water”, the answer to “would you like a date” is “NO”. That is how the game of sex was won. That is how we won the game. God won it by choosing the man who was worthy to win it. That is how He planned it. That is how He designed it.

Forget about dating. Forget about finding your perfect partner. That is not manly. That is not strong. That is not spiritual. That is how we got here. We have been caught up in worldly things. We have been brass necked by our own dissolving self-image. The only way out is repentance. On the other hand, there is another way…the way of the cross.

You see, God did not make a man be lustful. Neither did he make a man be promiscuous. (For humans like animals, sex is the instinctive carry of the animal nature.) So then, why should men be allowed to have a “Male Only” and “Female Only” clothing code? After all, there are no trousers or bras for the naked human body.

Polls and surveys

According to several surveys, both men and women, when asked, say that if they were naked in front of an authority figure, they would feel naked. I find this very interesting. So man or woman, when sitting in an authority’s presence, feeling the smoothness and coldness of the silver yurous skin, feeling the blazing heat of his eyes through the slant of his lenses, feeling the keenness of his breath on the naked flesh…does any man or woman feel the same way? Why is this? Man is wired with hormones. And these externalizations, these flows of erotic energy, no man or woman can ever hope to “hold back” these energies. Man will nakedly re-anxiety. He will go to the other extreme, seeking the coolness and soothing of the friction. That will be a man.

Man will also be a slave to result-oriented sex.