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5 Tips For Better Sex For Couples

Here are five tips for better sex for couples. 1. Sexual frequency: Sometimes, sex gets reduced out of the blue. The frequency of sex may be less than what you are accustomed to. Couples who have been together for years (or even decades) complain that their sex lives are boring. Keeping sex fresh and happening…

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How to Get More Intimacy For Couples

Sexrazor Stages For Better Intimacy For Couples Č The Meg Ryan movie “When Harry Met Sally” is a classic as far as romantic role-playing is concerned. Relations, steamy seduction, passionate lovemaking… so what’s their secret? It’s quite simple: Like the actors trained to appeal to both sexes, they were also trained to pause at times,…

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Sex and Sexuality

When we talk about sex and sexuality, we have in mind bisexuality, cross-dressing, lesbianism, homosexuality, and several forms of the adult industry. There are no words to describe how you feel when you learn that your partner is a transvestite or unusual in some way, and usually, this has a great impact on your partner.…

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The Best Sex Tips

Sex Tips: Fast Acting Sex Pills for when You Want It Quick Č There are a number of sex tips out there telling you how you can have great sex, including the best positions, best sex techniques, and the best aphrodisiac. Many of these have good value solutions but may not address your specific needs.…

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The Importance of Foot domination

You may think that you are the only one that needs to suffer from a lack of orgasm because you refuse to accept that sex is a package deal with boobs and vagina. In your mind, your fetish could just as easily come along with a pair of implanted shoes, a bustier or sexy lingerie…

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How to Make It Better – Get a Bigger Penis and Increase Your Semen Volume Too

Do you want to get a bigger penis? It’s possible. Not only is it possible, but it’s relatively easy. This is why thousands of men are getting bigger erections with simple hand exercises. There is nothing complicated or difficult about them; they work every day. There are thousands of men right now who are walking…

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